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Archive  - Match Results Spring 2015

The table below contains archived match results for the Spring 2015 season (13 March - 30 May 2015).

Initial sorting is in descending order from 30 May to 13 March 2015.

Twenty-five matches per frame. Click on page numbers to see more match results. Results may be sorted in Ascending or Descending order by clicking on any Column Header.

Match Results Spring 2015
Match IdMatch DateConferenceDivisionDistrict / Post-SeasonHome TeamHome TriesHome ConvHome PenaltiesHome DropsHome ScoreAway TeamVisitor TriesVisitor ConvVisitor PenaltiesVisitor DropsVisitor Score
5645/30/2015Boys State FinalD1 SC-1:State ChampionshipW SG-1     W SG-2     
5635/30/2015Girls State FinalD1 SC-2:State ChampionshipG-DI #1     G-DI #2     
5625/30/2015Boys North CupD2 NC-3:North CupW SG-3     W SG-4     
5615/30/2015Girls North CupD2 NC-4:North CupG-DII #1     G-DII #2     
5605/30/2015RV All-Star-HS Boys VarsityHSB EM-5ExhibitionBOYS VARSITY ALL-STAR EXHIBITION MATCH           
5595/30/2015RV All-Star-HS GirlsHSG EM-7ExhibitionGIRLS VARSITY ALL-STAR EXHIBITION MATCH           
5585/30/2015RV All-Star-HS Boys JVHSB EM-6ExhibitionBOYS JUNIOR VARSITY ALL-STAR EXHIBITION MATCH           
5575/30/2015RV All-Star-MS BoysMSB EM-8ExhibitionBOYS MIDDLE SCHOOL ALL-STAR EXHIBITION MATCH           
5565/16/2015North MS-Y Girls tournamentMS-YEnd-of-Season tournament            
5555/16/2015North MS-Y Boys tournamentMSEnd-of-Season tournament            
5545/16/2015North MS-Y Boys tournamentYU13End-of-Season tournament            
5535/16/2015High School BoysD1SG-1N-DI #11060062P-DI #2430026
5525/16/2015High School BoysD1SG-2P-DI #1     N-DI #2     
5515/16/2015High School BoysD2SG-3W POG-5     W POG-8     
5505/16/2015High School BoysD2SG-4W POG-7700035W POG-6430026
5495/16/2015High School BoysD1CG-6L DI POG-2     P-DI #3     
5485/16/2015High School BoysD1/2CG-5L DII POG-6     N-DI #5     
5475/16/2015High School BoysD1/2CG-7L DII POG-8     P-DI #5     
5465/16/2015High School BoysD1/2CG-8L DII POG-7     P-DI #4     
5455/16/2015High School BoysD1/2CG-9L DI POG-1     L DII POG-5     
5445/16/2015High School BoysD1/2CG-10GREAT FALLS     P-DI #6     
5435/16/2015High School GirlsD1CG-11L POG-9     L POG-12     
5425/16/2015High School GirlsD2CG-12L POG-11     L POG-10     
5415/9/2015North HS BoysD1-VPOG-1#1950055#4510027
5405/9/2015Peninsula HS BoysD1-VPOG-3#1400020#400000